Artists in the modern collection

A - C

Magdalena Abakanowicz (Poland, 1930-2017), active in Warsaw

Machiko Agano (Japan, 1953), active in Otsu         

Olga de Amaral (Columbia, 1932), active in Bogota

Christine Aymon (Switzerland, 1953), active in Vérossaz

Cyril Bourquin (France/Switzerland, 1930), active in Lausanne

Krystyna Brodzka-Piatkowska (Poland, 1923-2008), active in Warsaw

Jagoda Buić (Croatia, 1930), active in Paris, Venice and Dubrovnik          

Zofia Butrymowicz (Poland, 1904-1987), active in Warsaw

Marguerite Carau (Switzerland, 1928-2008), active in Zurich        

Pierre Chevalley (Switzerland, 1926-2006), active in Lausanne and Paris

Maria Chojnacka (Poland, 1931), active in Warsaw

D - H

Lillian Elliott (USA, 1930-1984), active in Michigan and California           

Lissy Funk (Switzerland, 1909-2005), active in Zurich         

Elsi Giauque (Suwitzerland, 1900-1989), active in Ligerz and Zurich

Kazimiera Gidaszewska (Poland, 1924-2008), active in Łodz and Warsaw

Suellen Glashausser  (USA, 1945-2000), active in New York and Berkeley

Pierrette Gonseth-Favre (Switzerland, 1943), active in Founex

Josep Grau-Garriga (Spain, 1929-2011), active in Spain and France

Helen Frances Gregor (Canada, 1921-1989), active in Toronto    

Françoise Grossen (Switzerland, 1943), active in New York           

Kati Gulyas (Hungary, 1945), active in Budapest

Karen Hansen (Denmark, 1943), active in Paris

Michelle Héon (Canada, 1948), active in Montreal and Paris

Patricia Hickman (USA, 1941), active in Honolulu  

Sheila Hicks (USA/France, 1934), active in Paris     

Jan Hladik (Czech Republic, 1927), active in Prague          

Jenny Hladikova (Czech Republic, 1930), active in Prague

I - L

Kiyomi Iwata (Japan/USA, 1941), active in New York         

Ritzi Jacobi (Romania/Germany, 1941), active in Düsseldorf and Bucharest        

Peter Jacobi (Romania/Germany, 1935), active in Wurmberg      

Arthur Jobin (Switzerland, 1927-2000), active in Lausanne and Paris

Susan-Marie Johnson (USA, 1948), active in San Francisco

Hanna Jung (Poland, 1927-1982), active in Warsaw

Naomi Kobayashi (Japan, 1945), active in Kyoto     

Rosemarie Koczÿ (Germany/Switzerland/USA, 1939-2007), active in Geneva and New York

Maria Łaszkiewicz (Latvia, 1892-1981), active in Warsaw 

Barbara Levittoux-Swiderska (Poland, 1933-2019), active in Warsaw

Charlotte Lindgren (Canada, 1931), active in Halifax

Jean Lurçat (France, 1892-1966), active in Aubusson and Paris

M - R  

Marcel Marois (Canada, 1949), active in Quebec

Anne-Marie Matter (Switzerland, 1936-2007), active in Lausanne

Rebecca Medel (USA, 1947), active in Glenside

Gilles Morisette (Canada, 1955), active à Montreal          

Aurelia Muñoz (Spain, 1926-2011), active in Barcelona     

Jolanta Owidzka (Poland, 1927-2020), active in Warsaw

Anne Flaten Pixley (France, 1932), active in Le Cailar

Françoise Ragno (Switzerland/France, 1936), active in Grenoble  

Debrah Rapoport (USA, 1945), active in Berkeley

Mariette Rousseau-Vermette (Canada, 1926-2006), active in Saint-Adele, Quebec     

S - Z

Wojciech Sadley (Poland, 1932), active in Warsaw and Wesota    

Moïk Schiele (Switzerland, 1938-1993), active in Zurich    

Edda Seidl-Reiter (Austria, 1940), active in Vienna

Carol Shaw-Sutton (USA, 1948), active in California           

Verena Sieber-Fuchs (Switzerland, 1943), active in Zurich

Liselotte Siegfried (Switzerland, 1935), active à Zurich

Alicja Siodlowska-Wisniewska (Poland, 1921), active in Warsaw

Beatrix Sitter-Liver (Switzerland, 1938), active in Bern

Sherri Smith (USA, 1943), active in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Marialuisa Sponga (Italy, 1942-2015), active in Olgiasca

Marlise Staehelin (Switzerland, 1927-1991), active in Basel

Marika Szaraz (Hungry, 1947), active in Brussels

Hideho Tanaka (Japan, 1942), active in Tokyo

Lenore Tawney (USA, 1907-2007), active in New York       

Janina Tworek-Pierzgalska (Poland, 1933-1982), active in Łodz

Anne Wilson (USA, 1949), active in Evanston

Krystyna Wojtyna-Drouet (Poland, 1926), active in Warsaw

Mariyo Yagi (Japan/USA, 1948), active in Kobe and New York

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