Dijon, the Consortium Centre for Contemporary Art

Le Monde comme volonté et comme papier peint (The World as Will and Wallpaper), 21st April – 2nd September 2012

Works on loan

An exhibition based on Michel Houellebecq’s novel La Carte et le territoire (The Map and the Territory). The purpose of the works is to translate the prose of this Prix Goncourt 2010 winner into visual content.

On loan: six works by Sheila Hicks, Magdalena Abakanowicz and Lissy Funk.

« Réhabiliter tout un pan de la production artistique discréditée par l’histoire de l’art », Les Inrockuptibles, avril 2012


Kaunas, Zilinskas Art Gallery

TEXTILE 11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD, 22nd September – 4th December 2011

Works on loan and collaboration

As a participant in TEXTILE 11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD –   Lithuania’s 8th Kaunas International Biennial exhibition – the Fondation Toms Pauli presents a number of great artists from the 1960s and 1970s and highlights the major role played by the Lausanne International Tapestry Biennials (1962-1995) in the history of twentieth-century textile art.

On loan: eight works by Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jagoda Buić, Kati Gulyas, Ritzi and Peter Jacobi, Jean Lurçat, Maria Łaszkiewicz, Wojciech Sadley and Mariyo Yagi. Catalogue in Lithuanian and English


Spanish Catalonia, Lerida Cathedral

The Seu Vella de Lleida Tapestry Collection, 7th May – 3rd October 2010

Works on loan

The Brussels tapestry November-December (ca.1525) belonged to the Lerida Cathedral treasure for several centuries until it was cut in half and sold in the 1920s.  For the purposes of this exhibition it is displayed side by side with October, which was originally the left part of the work. Catalogue in Catalan and Spanish (summaries in French and English)

Le Monde comme volonté et comme papier peint, Dijon, 2012
Rewind-Play-Forward, Kaunas, 2011
Seu Vella de Lleida, Catalogne, 2010
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